Reinvent Yourself — If You Don’t Like Something, Change It!

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. “Even at 60…people can resolve to make themselves more the people they would like to become,” according to Ravenna Helson, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, director of the Mills Study of 120 women over 60 who made positive changes in their lives.

Why not you? Why not now? Why not do something you’d like to do, or become someone you’d like to be?

There are numerous self-help books about reinventing oneself, whether it’s leaving a corporate job to become a backpacker, or quitting medicine to open a cheese shop. All changes don’t have to be grandiose or involve a career change. Perhaps you want to be a musician, poet or great cook, but you never had the time or opportunity. Maybe you talked yourself out of it all these years. Maybe today’s the day to pursue that dream of reinventing yourself as the person you’d envisioned long ago. Here are some steps to getting started on a new, reinvented you:

Step 1: A thorough self-appraisal. Measure your transition against where you are today. Examine your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest. This is the point where many people turn back because those internal messages, self image and beliefs are deep in our brains. Push through.

Step 2: Talk to someone you trust about your goal, your dream, and your plan. Need someone to talk to? We volunteer! Call us today.

Step 3: Be patient. Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day and neither will you. You may have to take two steps forward and one back. A piece of your plan might fall through and it’ll take a while to develop a new one. Not to worry. Reinvention is process. Enjoy your process.

Step 4: To stay positive and motivated, seek ways to track your accomplishments as you go. Studies have shown that if you write down a goal, you’re more likely to achieve it.

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Reinvent Yourself by Rebecca Webber,

Reinventing Yourself by Jane E. Brody