Pioneers Assistance Fund

FOR THOSE IN EXHIBITION CURRENTLY AFFECTED BY THE STORMS IN TEXAS, FLORIDA, AND ALONG THE GULF COAST: IF you ARE SEEKING AN EMERGENCY GRANT, the minimum years-worked requirement has been waived. for more information on our services, please visit here.


About the fund

The Pioneers Assistance Fund (PAF) serves members of the motion picture entertainment industry (exhibition, distribution and trade services) who are encountering an illness, injury or life-changing event. All assistance is intended to provide support during a recovery or adjustment period and lay the foundation for a lifetime of ongoing success.

About the Pioneers Assistance Fund featuring Bill Pullman from Will Rogers on Vimeo.


To request assistance for financial aid, please call (888) 994-3863, ext. 6003, or email us.  A social worker will contact you to set up a phone interview to discuss eligibility and the application process.  In most cases, grants can be processed between 3-5 business days after we receive the completed application.

Our assistance fund brochure explains current assistance fund programs and social service consultations:
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