The Pioneers Assistance Fund provides financial aid to theatrical entertainment veterans of exhibition,
distribution and vendors exclusive to either sector who are encountering an illness, injury or catastrophic event. Since 1939, the Pioneers Assistance Fund has had one mission — take care of industry veterans in their time of need. The Fund has provided assistance to thousands over the years and always with respect and dignity for the recipient, as well as, maintaining the individual’s anonymity. The Fund is the only program in our industry that provides both short and long-term assistance to lifelong veterans of the motion picture industry who are sick, elderly, disabled or a victim of an unfortunate circumstance. Whether it’s the widow of a long-time exhibitor who just needs help paying for her medications, a theatre manager dealing with an untimely illness or a former studio employee who has had an unfortunate circumstance — all receive assistance.

People are marvelous in their generosity if they just know the cause is there.

Will Rogers