Introducing INNERMISSION, an educational video series from the Pioneers Assistance Fund. While we currently provide many services to movie industry employees in exhibition, distribution, and vendors in either sector, our objective is to share the expert knowledge and skills on a larger scale, in an accessible way for everyone.

Learn from our top experts on topics such as financial planning, mental health, emotional well-being, and much more throughout the year.

Questions or interested in participating? Reach out to

To provide accessible, educational, and engaging content (webinars, short-form video content, etc.); to teach viewers about the intersectional nature of mental and financial well-being, collaborate with professionals and personalities whose expertise aligns with our goals; to serve as a point of contact for constituents looking to access Will Rogers MPPF’s resources or services.

To dismantle the stigma or perceived shame of addressing mental and financial hardship; to address the impact of systemic and institutional barriers on mental and financial well-being; to establish Will Rogers MPPF as a known advocate for substantive mental and financial well-being in the motion picture industry.

To honor Will Rogers’s philanthropic spirit and improve the standard of living for working people in the entertainment industry by providing them with financial, psychological, and emotional assistance; to incorporate the intersection of mental and financial well-being into nearly a century of Will Rogers’s MPPF’s efforts in improving health and wellness for people in the entertainment industry facing hardship.