Natural Disaster Grant

The Pioneers Assistance Fund is dedicated to those who work in Exhibition, Distribution, and Vendors exclusive to either sector. We provide financial and emotional support through our dedicated social work team helping industry workers overcome barriers from life-altering experiences and by providing support for their families during times of difficulty.

If you have been impacted by a recent natural disaster, such as:

  • Earthquake
  • Flood – Heavy Rain
  • Hurricane / Typhoon
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Wild Fire

please click on the link below to complete our emergency assistance application. 

** Note: If the primary reason for your financial need is related to accident, illness, injury or life-altering circumstances (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) please CLICK HERE to apply for financial assistance.

Please review the information below regarding our Natural Disaster Grant. 


Minimum five-year employment eligibility has been waived for this grant; a one-time $150 stipend for those impacted by a natural disaster.

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility:

Your primary source of income must come from one of the following:

1. Theatrical Distribution (i.e. a movie studio)

2. Exhibition (i.e. a movie theater)

3. A Vendor exclusive to either Distribution or Exhibition

4. Theatrical Trade Services

Step 2: Submit Online Application