Mindful Holidays

All year we’ve been asking you to practice mindfulness. We thought we should wrap up 2015 with one last practice: mindful holidays.

Get into the mindfulness of the holiday season by…

  1. PAUSING to think about what makes the season special for you. Is it religious, or  spiritual in some way? Is it the history or tradition involved? Maybe it’s the food or time with family and friends. The holidays may be a sad time for some of you, missing loved ones, feeling lonely. There is no right or wrong way to experience the holidays, so listen to what your heart needs, and treat yourself with kindness.
  2. RE-THINKING GIFTS that may not be necessary. Sometimes our gift list might get so long, we become overwhelmed. Sometimes we load too much expectation into our gifts and get hurt when the recipient underreacts. What do you get the man that has everything? How about nothing? He might appreciate that!
  3. BUDGETING and not overspending on gifts, decorations, travel or parties. Do you want the stress of a January credit card bill? A well-timed and well-intentioned holiday donation to a charity might bring you joy, as well as needed support to others, and help you stick to a holiday budget.
  4. Avoid OVERINDULGING in food or drink. Think about what you do to your body over
    the holidays, especially if the weather keeps you from outdoor exercise. Holiday time is a great time to practice mindful eating.
  5. APPRECIATE what you have now. Focus on a favorite holiday emblem, like a tree, the
    snow or a holiday classic tune. Sit quietly with that image or song in your head. Breathe deeply and relax in the comfort of that item. This is the essence of holiday joy.
    If nothing else, you are alive and reading this newsletter from your friends at Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers! Maybe for today, that can be enough.


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