Bernie Myerson Emergency Grant

For when the unexpected happens

Bernie Myerson Emergency Grants can help pay for:

  • Rent and Utilities
  • Moving Expenses
  • Food and household necessities
  • Burial or Cremation

Requires five recent, qualifying years of employment in the motion picture entertainment industry.

To request an application for financial aid, please call (888) 994-3863, ext. 6003, or email us.


About Bernard “Bernie” Myerson

Born in the Bronx, exhibition pioneer Bernard Myerson worked with Loews Corp. starting in 1963, when he was hired to operate the theatre side of the business after its acquisition from MGM by Larry and Bob Tisch. During Myerson’s time at Loews he was one of the first exhibition heads to see the wisdom of turning older theatres into multiplexes, as well as building new multiplexes in suburban shopping malls. Myerson worked extensively with Variety The Children’s Charity, the Will Rogers Memorial Fund and Motion Picture Pioneers until his death in 2002 at the age of 84.


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