The Pioneers Assistance Fund


For those impacted by the WGA strike, the Pioneers Assistance Fund will adhere to it’s guidelines of serving only IATSE members that have worked primarily in film for a minimum of five recent years that have experienced an accident, illness or injury.  We urge all members of the WGA or IATSE who have been impacted by the strike to contact the Entertainment Community Fund and Motion Picture Television Fund or visit this LA Times Article for a comprehensive list of resources.

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility

You must meet ALL of the following:

You have worked in either of the following for a minimum total of five (5) recent years.:

  • Theatrical Distribution (i.e. a movie studio)
  • Exhibition (i.e. a movie theater)
  • Vendor exclusive to either sector
  • Theatrical Trade Services

You DO NOT work in the production sector of the motion picture industry (emergency relief for this sector is provided by other industry charities).

Step 2: Confirm your financial need

The primary reason for your financial need must be related to:

  • Housing emergency
  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Death of an immediate family member

Step 3: Submit Online Inquiry

Please know you are not alone. Many industry workers are in the same position you are in.


If you are in urgent need please send an email to or call 888-994-3863 ext 4.