Hurricane Assistance

Our colleagues in exhibition need a little extra help during this devastating time

The widespread damage caused by the storms in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico is well documented. A majority of those who work in exhibition, in this area, have been affected – from those who lost EVERYTHING to those needing to take-in multiple house guests who literally have nowhere else to live.

There are many wonderful efforts being made by relief groups, but the need is overwhelming, specifically the demands for shelter and transportation.  We have also found that the cost of food, beyond what the relief agencies can provide, is also a primary need for people dealing with the aftermath of the hurricanes.

The Problem

Our colleagues in exhibition, like many others in the region, need a little extra help during this devastating time. The Pioneers Assistance Fund is here to do everything we can to help, but the demands could very easily overwhelm the annual budget for the program.  We applaud the philanthropy being provided by the exhibitor companies, but they can’t do it alone. The Motion Picture Pioneers have a tradition of taking care of our own, and that is exactly what we intend to do.

After speaking with many of those who work in exhibition, we have learned there is an immediate need to help pay for rent and food.  Most people lost the food supply that was in their home (which they had spent extra to stock up on in preparation for the storm) and have been forced to eat out for every meal, when a food bank is not accessible.  Many people have found a temporary place to stay with family or a friend, however, some have had no choice but to stay in a motel. Regardless of where they have found temporary housing, the rent is still due at home (even if they do not have access to the property) or they risk losing their security deposit, or the rental entirely.

In addition to food and shelter needs, there are also requests for medical emergencies, travel to care for an ailing family member, and general living expenses.

The Answer

The Pioneers Assistance Fund is providing immediate aid in the form of emergency grants in amounts of $250, $500, or $1,000, with the maximum to any one person is $1,000.

All those who work in exhibition are eligible for a Bernie Myerson Emergency Grant, as well as, counseling services.

Any donations from industry members, companies and foundations will be restricted to the Pioneers Assistance Fund and utilized for the Bernie Myerson Emergency Grant.  We will help people with immediate needs for food, shelter and transportation. Once initial relief is provided, we will transition to support long-term recovery efforts, once there is a clear understanding what the many relief organizations will provide.

Please DONATE NOW, we can’t do this without you!